Lia "Mwahaha" Brown (liabrown) wrote in x_villains,
Lia "Mwahaha" Brown

Well, I'm really frigging bored. Tell me if you think characters (and I'm specifically thinking X-villains here, natch) should come back from the dead or not. Would you be pissed if, say, Apocalypse came back? Happy to see Pyro? Secretly glad to see Stryfe, even if afraid to admit it?

We all know it'll involve Magneto and the Scarlet Witch. But Bendis had said from the beginning that it would involve the original Brotherhood, and I heard rumours about the original Mastermind being involved -- that he faked his death from Legacy...presumably with an illusion...and he's up to no good. That'd be interesting...and another character 'returning' from the dead.

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