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Hi there.

I just recently joined this community. The truth is, I can't find a decent X-Men community so I went here instead. This one's all about the comic book, it's neat and I guess I might just find out a lot of things from you people that I may not even be aware of.

Okay. I'd like to start off by listing my favorite X-Villains.

1. Magneto - Magnus
2. Cassandra Nova
3. Apocalypse - En Sabah Nur
4. Sabretooth - Victor Creed
5. Stryfe - Nathan Christopher Charles Summers
6. Onslaught (Psionic Spawn of Xavier and Magneto)
7. Reverend William Stryker
8. Black Tom - Thomas Samuel Eamon Cassidy
8. Lady Deathstrike - Yuriko Oyama
9. Exodus - Bennet du Paris
10. Mr. Sinister - Nathaniel Essex
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