Grygon (grygon) wrote in x_villains,

Toad fan art on DeviantArt? i lost it, help me!

i hate not being able to search DA just because i'm not a paying member. especially when i NEED to cause i lost a piece of art by someone, especially on a puny dial-up... i decided to go in and save all my faves, looking for a particular one. well, it wasn't there.

it's fan art of Toad from X-men. this artist draws him a lot. the 2 images i remember are of toad with a girl (her character, i think). in one they have just kissed and there is a bit of spittle still between their lips (all her commenters flipped about the nasty spit but i thought it was realistic, spit happens when you kiss!), in the other he is freaking her out with his tongue snaking up her clothes.

any one know? i hate it when i lose favorite pieces of artwork.
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