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X-Men: Retribution MUSH

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...Mutants are real..."

The war is beginning. The fight for freedom between Homo sapiens and Homo superior. The American government, spearheaded by President Kelly, is making moves to adapt to the new society developing from the appearance of the mutant population.

"...Mutants are here..."

Factions form within the ranks of mutants themselves. A few forces rally for peaceful co-existance, while others are hell-bent on exterminating the lesser species. Some factions merely wish to survive. The humans are similarly divided, not sure whether to fear or accept mutant-kind. It's a brave new world out there, but who is going to control it?

"Mutants are now."

Welcome to the world of the X-Men. Set in the near future, X-Men: Retribution explores what it is to be different in a world that fears those who are not the same. A heated political debate rages over the proposed 'Mutant Registration Act'. Many are opposed, many are for it - and both sides have those who will take to violence to try to prove their point in an ever escalating war being fought on many fronts.

From a human unsure of the new mutant danger, to a mutant terrorist who will stop at nothing to protect his way of life, to students at Xavier's just learning what their powers can do, there's a role for everyone on X-Men: Retribution. OOCly, we emphasize community and involvement both from staff and players. Humans and mutants, OCs and FCs are equally welcome.

We're looking for someone to play JEAN GREY. If you app her, you'll be able to app directly into the X-Men, which is currently a closed team on the game and requires a bit of work and interaction to get into. You'll want to talk to staff as she has some interesting backstory on the game and they might have some requirements or suggestions but other than that, app away!

We're also looking for FRED DUKES/THE BLOB. Fred doesn't have quite as much on game history as Jean but he has participated in a staff-run plot scene and has a few minor relationships. He has been recruited to the Brotherhood so you'd be able to app directly into the Brotherhood, another group that requires a little work to get into (though not as much as the X-Men).

Also, TOAD is open and comes with his own TP to get you started on the game as the last plot left him in an interesting position, indeed. :) Hop on and talk to staff to see just where the character is right now - this could be a very interesting role - particularly if you're interested in a personal plot to introduce you to the grid.
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