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x_villains's Journal

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This community is devoted to the villains of the X-Men comic books. Movieverse and Evolution are not welcome here. There are more than enough places you can go to if you want to talk about how awesomely hot Lance Alvers is or how Aaron Stanford is so totally the best thing to ever happen to the X-Men movies.

This community is for fans of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in its many incarnations, from Magneto's to whatever the hell the most recent one is, as well as Freedom Force, the Acolytes, Hellfire Club, and (my personal guilty pleasure) the Upstarts. Of course, villain groups that I haven't mentioned are welcome as well, so long as it is their canon, AoA, X-Baby, anything-but-Movieverse-or-Evolution versions being discussed.

Feel free to post:

*Villain News/Rumors
*Spoilers (MUST BE behind an LJ-cut with a big ol' spoiler warning)
*Fanfiction (slash and NC-17 are accepted; however, proper warnings must be in place, and the full text itself must be behind an LJ-cut)
*Fanart/Icons (same rules for fanfiction apply)
*Relevent Links (spamming with irrelevent crap will get you booted)

I really only ask that you keep things civil. Don't like one of the other members: tell on them over AIM or through email. Don't start any flame wars here. Now, if you dislike one of the writers/artists for Marvel comics, bitch about them all you want. As for language, I don't give a damn how much you swear. It's open season here.

Moderator(s): pyroslut
Should this community actually get a decent amount of memebers, I'll be looking for somebody interested in co-moderating with me. This would most likely be a person I already know and trust (to some degree). Tell me if you're interested.

Note: The banning of Evolution and Movieverse from this community is not meant to insult fans of those particular takes on the X-Men universe. Hell, I like the movies and Evolution (well, the first season of it, anyway). I'm just sick of them dominating the X-Men fandom.